We buy: iTunes Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, Steam Wallet Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, Google play Gift Card, Target Gift Card, Sephora Gift Card, Apple Gift Card, Jcpenny Gift Card e.t.c

We pay: Naira, Cedis, INR, RMB, Paypal and Bitcoin.

We are the team of professionals that run and manage a dropshipping platform. We make use of various gift cards to make orders on several platforms at cheaper prices and in turn give you the best money value for your gift cards.

Every gift card we buy from customers is used by us, we buy more than $20,000 worth of gift cards daily. After extensive research, we realised Nigeria, Ghana and India have the best market for gift cards as those countries house the most conventional gift card sellers. Therefore, we found a way to do business with people in these countries and so far, our supplies have been encouraging.

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Why You Should Sell Gift Cards To Us

Trade With Love

We give you best treatment for your cards. Customer support and reply is 100%.

All Gift Cards

We buy all gift cards at different rates. We give the best undisputable market prices.

Fast Payment

Nigerian Naira/Ghana Cedis payment take only 5 minutes. BTC is instant.

Best Platform

Based on reviews, we are proud to say we are the best..

User Interaction

Get trading with our admins today without delay. We are real, you trade with confidence.

24/7 Availability

We are steadily available and online to help you trade your gift cards and pay.

Gift Cards

Below are some of the gift cards we buy at good rates...

iTunes Gift Cards

We buy physical cards, ecodes, big denominations and various countries.

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Amazon Gift Cards

We buy with receipt and without receipt. We buy big denomination and ecodes..

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Other Gift Cards

We also buy steam, googleplay, walmart, bestbuy, target, nordstrom and other gift cards e.t.c.

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Ask Question?

Below are some frequently asked questions:

How Long Does Each Transaction Take?
5-10Minutes once a trade is initiated. If your card is redeemed successfully, you’ll be credited within 10minutes.
Kindly provide your payment details (Nigerian - bank details, Ghana - Mobile money number or BTC Address or Paypal Email) . You’ll be credited within 5-10minutes once card is loaded successfully.
We are available 24/7.
Yes, we buy, with good rates.
Why Do You Guys Trade On Whatsapp
With a view to having a feel of person-to-person relationship, and also in order to ensure a fast and seamless transaction with no risk of system failures, we decided to use Whatsapp as our trading medium. We feel it’s better to relate with customers through the WhatsApp platform, and so far, our feelings never failed us.
Yes. We also buy bitcoins and pay in Naira, Cedis, RMB and Perfect Money.
Rate isn’t constant, so price varies. Most times, $100 iTunes card will pay you around $70-$85 BTC, 26,000Naira-35,000Naira, 330Cedis-390Cedis, 470RMB-600RMB.
Amazon Rate isn’t constant as well. Most times, $100 Amazon gift card with cash receipt or debit receipt will pay you around $70-$90 BTC, 30,000Naira-40,000Naira, 370Cedis-500Cedis, 520RMB-700RMB.

Experience The Best Trading

A lot of gift card buyers you meet online are middlemen. They collect gift cards from you and sell to first-hand users like us. So they always deduct their profits from the rate they offer you. But you are at luck today for visiting our website, no more middleman fee, you get all the money value for your cards.

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... Expect the best trading experience

Our trading is fast and easy. We attend to customers as soon as possibe and we understand that fast payment is very important to you. We pay in Naira, Cedis, RMB, Paypal and Bitcoin.

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